Home News After 52 years, the Queen of Denmark announced her abdication

After 52 years, the Queen of Denmark announced her abdication

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Denmark’s Queen Margaret II has announced her abdication after 52 years on the throne. He will be succeeded by the Queen’s son, Prince Frederick. British media BBC reported this information.

Every year Queen Margareta gives a televised New Year’s address. During the address given to the nation yesterday, Margareta said that she will no longer be on the throne from January 14. Margareta’s speech was broadcast live on state television.

Queen Margaret, aged 83, was first crowned in 1972. After the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, Margaret became Europe’s longest-reigning queen.

In her address to the nation yesterday, Margareta said, “I had a back surgery last year.” After that surgery I naturally thought about the future. I feel now is the time to leave my responsibility to the new generation.

Margaretta said, I thought, now is the right time. I will step down as Queen of Denmark on January 14th in the New Year. My son Prince Frederick will ascend the throne. Thus 52 years ago I ascended the throne as the successor of my beloved father.

After the Queen’s speech, Danish Prime Minister Mite Fredriksson also confirmed Queen Margaretha’s resignation in a statement. In the statement, he thanked the Queen for her successful reign.

In Denmark, royal practice is limited to formalities. Parliamentary system of governance is in operation in the country. The head of government there is the Prime Minister. But as a queen, Margareta is quite popular in Denmark.


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