Home News After 30 hours the supply of gas to the cornea is normal

After 30 hours the supply of gas to the cornea is normal

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After 30 hours, gas supply to Titus in Netrakona town was normalized. Gas supply was normalized yesterday at 12 pm on Saturday. This brought relief to the 5,500 residential and commercial customers in Netrakona.

Sumangal Goldar, Engineer of Netrakona Regional Office of Titus Gas confirmed this.

Earlier last Friday around 6 pm the gas supply was stopped due to a burst line. People suffer in those houses where pipeline gas is used for cooking. The hotel is crowded in search of food. But due to lack of extra preparation, hotel owners are also in trouble in supplying food.

Engineer Sumangal Goldar said, last Friday evening in Gouripur, Mymensingh, the main gas supply line burst in Netrakona during the cutting of soil for the development work of the Water Development Board. Gas supply from Mymensingh was immediately stopped due to the fear of accident.

Sumangal Goldar said that although the initial repair was done at night, equipment was brought from Dhaka to restore gas supply. After that gas supply is normal.


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