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After 3 days import-export started through Benapole port

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Import and export through Benapole-Petrapole land port has started three days after the public holiday of national parliament election and Friday-Saturday weekend. Import-export activities between Bangladesh and India started from Monday morning through Benapole-Petrapole land port.

After three days in a row, the port has returned to activity as import-export has started. Besides, the travel of passengers with passports between the two countries is normal.

Benapole Land Port Director (Traffic) Rezaul Islam said, import-export trade was closed through Benapole-Petrapole port for about three days. From Monday morning, the import-export activities have resumed on this route. Port officials said that work will continue at the port day and night to compensate for the loss of several days.

Operations at the port were suspended during the election holiday due to security concerns. In addition, security was increased so that no one could damage the product or cause any kind of vandalism.


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