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After 22 years, the state minister got Khagrachari

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After 22 years, a Member of Parliament elected from Khagrachari has got the charge of a government ministry. Earlier, the MPs elected from Rangamati and Bandarban were members of the cabinet, but this time Kujendralal Tripura of Khagrachari was invited as the Minister of State for Chittagong Hill Tracts. The civil society expects that he will work to improve the quality of life of the people of the three hill districts.

The Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs Ministry was established on July 15, 1998 after the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Agreement. Late Kalparanjan Chakma, the then member of parliament from Khagrachari, was made the minister. Then Dipankar Talukdar from Rangamati and Bir Bahadur U Shai Singh from Bandarban got the charge of this ministry.

Meanwhile, people of all classes of Khagrachari are happy to have a state minister after almost 22 years. Thanking the Prime Minister, the locals said that they are happy to have the three-time elected Member of Parliament as the State Minister. They hope that this will accelerate the development of their area.

Apart from this, the local people’s representatives expect that the new state minister will be sincere in establishing universities to improve the quality of education in the mountains, developing remote areas, and solving the fresh water crisis.

Mahmuda Begum Lucky, chairman of Khagrachari’s Merung UP, said, “I hope that an initiative will be taken to establish a public university here to improve the quality of education of the people of the three hill districts.”

In coordination with the central ministries, the civil society urges the implementation of the mountain agreement as well as the balanced development of the mountain area.

Mathura Vikas Tripura, executive director of Jabarang Kalyan Samiti, said that the hill ministry has many tasks. The state minister will work for the development of the people who are at the grass root level. Apart from this, we hope to take practical initiatives in the three hilly areas.

It is to be noted that in 1989, Kujendra Lal Tripura came into discussion after being elected as a member of ‘Khagrachari Local Government Council’. Since 2014, he has been elected as a Member of Parliament of Awami League for three consecutive times.


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