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Afroja Parveen decorated the morning in a new way

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Yasin Ahmed modeled in the morning. Besides, she is studying fashion design at Shanta Maryam University of Fashion Technology. She has always wanted to express her inner feminine. But he could never say that. It is very difficult to convince not only the people of the society, but also the members of your own family. He was able to reach his goal despite the hundred obstacles.

Salkal became the second runner-up in ‘Miss Evergreen Bangladesh 2023’ held this year. It was there that Afrozar Parveen, the country’s leading beauty expert, saw her for the first time. He wished to change the morning. Afroza Parveen said, seeing Miss Evergreen morning in Bangladesh, I felt that she has boldness and beauty. The female entity we want to see, the authentic female entity is in the morning. But it is difficult for him to express it. Life’s a battle we all fight too. Besides, she has to continue a separate struggle to present herself as a woman. That’s what attracted me the most. That’s why I want to transform the morning into a new morning.

Afroja Parveen is busy bringing a new look in the morning.  Image: Screenshot from video

Then Sakal was invited to his company Red Beauty Parlor and Salon. He created four morning looks. Afroja Parveen said, it can be said to be a celebration of morning femininity. While dressing her, I kept in mind the struggle and loneliness of the morning on the way to becoming a woman. As a result, the task of portraying Salkal as a new, proper woman has become much easier. After dressing him, he was overwhelmed by his own appearance. He said, even if I didn’t smile, my lips were smiling. I felt like a princess. Afroza thanked Parveen and said in the morning, her touch reminded me of my mother’s touch.

Morning gorgeous presentation in saree.  Model: Morning.  Makeover: Red by Afroja Parveen.  Photo: Chishti

Afroza Parveen said, I have always kept his struggle in mind while decorating the morning. There are so many more that I can’t sort out. But I made it in the morning. I can also honor them by beautifying it, expressing His will. That’s why I tried to bring out the inner essence of morning by creating each look. I was touched by his exuberance while dressing. And after getting dressed I felt like I had a great morning. I was able to reach the place of one’s mind.


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