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Adverse reactions to injections may cause death in infants: report of investigation

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This information has been informed in the investigation report of the Department of Health submitted to the High Court, “Child Ayan may have died due to cardiac arrest due to an adverse reaction to the injection given at Badda United Hospital, the brain of the child Ayan may have been damaged.”

On Sunday morning, Deputy Director Dr. Parimal Kumar Pal submitted this investigation report to the High Court on behalf of the Director General of the Department of Health. Justice Mustafa Zaman Islam and Justice Md. A bench consisting of Atabullah is scheduled to hear the matter today.

Four recommendations were made in the inquiry report. The recommendations are: 1. Employing multiple anesthesiologists in the hospital. 2. Inform the patient and patient’s relatives well about the risks of anesthesia. 3. Keeping the ICU system in the hospital. 4. After the approval of the government, the hospital will start functioning.

Last December 31, Ayan was circumcised under full anesthesia at Satarkul Badda United Medical College Hospital. Ayan was sent to the United Hospital in Gulshan as he did not regain consciousness after a few hours of the operation. Doctors declared Ayan dead on January 7 after keeping him on life support in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for seven days. Directorate of Health formed a four-member investigation committee to investigate the allegations of doctors’ negligence in this incident.

Earlier, the investigation report of Ayan’s death was supposed to be submitted to the High Court on January 25, but the Department of Health did not give it. Later the court ordered the submission by today.

In the meantime, the Department of Health has ordered the closure of United Medical College Hospital in Badda in this incident. This order was given in an office order on Sunday (January 14). It is said that this order has been given due to the lack of registration of United Medical College Hospital.

Circumcision is also done with anesthetic on the advice of doctors. Later, two doctors, Dr. Anesthesia specialist. The child’s father filed a case against the director and employees of the institution, including Syed Sabbir Ahmed and doctor Tasnuva Mahjabin.

Earlier, the High Court ordered the Health Department to submit an investigation report within 7 days regarding the death of baby Ayan on January 15. Apart from this, the court issued a ruling asking why Ayan’s family should not be given five crore compensation and why the doctor’s license should not be cancelled.


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