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People who love tourism often do adventurous activities. Even if it is at the risk of life or crossing the remote road, one wants to enjoy the wonderful beauty or have a thrilling experience. Let’s know about some such adventurous tourism.

Valley of Death
Valley of Death, death is in the name. But there is no way to understand, waiting to meet the hand of death. Kehinnayk Volcano is located in the eastern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Just at its foot is this death valley. For those who like secluded places, this will be a great thrill. But the thrill won’t last long. Because after a while, dizziness, eye irritation, and breathing problems will start. You will slowly fall into the lap of death. The reason is the poisonous air here. The air here is filled with toxic gases from Kehinnaic Volcano. No animal can survive here because of this gas. Research shows that animals also die here due to toxic gas.

Hawaiian volcanoes
Hawaii Volcanoes is one of the adventure travel destinations in America. It is a favorite among travelers. Hawaii Volcanoes is basically a park located on the side of a volcano. Volcano National Park is also a destination for temporary bicycle tours. Since its inauguration in 2007, there have been a few deaths and a record number of injuries. Tourists go here for cycling. The roads are very narrow and hilly. The risk of accidents is high when the bicycle is riding on a low road. Many people lose control. The volcano is mainly connected to the island of Kilauea. Its invention in late 1938. It is the main attraction for tourists. It is a volcano. There is a high probability of accidents in the lava of this volcano. Many go for a closer look and that’s where the terrible danger comes from. This lava gas spreads in the air and pollutes the environment. In short, to get around it is to take life in hand. Lava smoke contains noxious vapor clouds. It is a harmful gas consisting of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrochloric acid. This gas is harmful to human body. Many people who come here for a trip are not fully prepared so they are more victims of accidents.

swimming with sharks
Praia da Voia Viezim was known throughout the world as the longest beach in Brazil. However, the beach is declared vulnerable to shark attacks. Tourists were attacked by sharks 56 times from 1992 to 2012. Praia da Voia Viezim Beach is nothing but a human promenade. Australia also has such a dangerous beach. Tourists on the beach are attacked because the sharks stay more in the sea. The main preference of sharks is coastal areas. But they cannot stay there because of that high volume of shipping. So they enter the tourist sea area. Sometimes it also comes in search of food. Despite the security measures in place at the beach, the security personnel cannot take immediate action in case of a sudden shark attack. An accident happens.

Bull racing in Spain
Bull racing is organized in the Pamplona region of Spain. This event is held every year in the month of July. At the beginning of the game, a few bulls are released together in the streets, in front of hundreds of people. Everyone started running together to escape from the bull’s butt. Although it sounds like a very scary event, it is not so scary for the participants. Many participated in the thrill. He is in danger many times. At least 13 people have lost their lives in the past 100 years participating in this sport. Hundreds of people are injured every year.

the gates of hell
Turkmenistan will meet the gates of hell. Although it sounds surprising, it is very true. When Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union, the entire area was subducted during excavation for a gas well in the Darvez region of the Karakum Desert. Later, on the advice of scientists, the entire well was set on fire. Even after 40 years, that fire is still burning in such a way that it looks like meeting hell from the front. Hence the name of this place is ‘Gates of Hell’. Every year many brave tourists flock to see the gates of hell up close.

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