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‘Adora Magic City’, built for five years, goes on a cruise

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China’s first luxury ship ‘Adora Magic City’ has set sail for the first time. Last Monday, the ship left Saihai for Korea and Japan. American media CBS News reported this information in a report.

The Japanese authorities said the luxury ship was built to facilitate international travel for China’s large middle class. The ship took about five years to build. It has all the amenities of elite living including restaurants, lounges, cinema halls, swimming pools. The Chinese government described the ship as a major milestone for the country’s shipbuilding industry.

CBS News reports that this luxury ship has 16 floors. Its length is 1 thousand 62 feet. More than 5 thousand people can travel in the ship at the same time. On the first day of the new year, the ship embarked on its maiden voyage with about 1,000 passengers. For seven days, the cruise ship will travel through South Korea’s Jeju Island to Japan’s Nagasaki and Fukushima.


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