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Administration ban on organizing ‘Thirty First Night’ in Cox’s Bazar

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Cox’s Bazar district administration has given instructions not to hold any open event on the occasion of ‘Thirty First Night’ in Cox’s Bazar. This decision was taken in a discussion meeting on law and order on Thursday evening.

At that time, Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner Md. Shahin Imran said that there has been a ban on organizing open events since the evening of December 31. Even if the program is organized during the day, it must be completed by 6 pm. However, the Deputy Commissioner also said that internal arrangements can be made with permission.

Meanwhile, no firecrackers can be set off around the thirty-first night and all liquor bars in Cox’s Bazar will be closed on that day. It was also decided in the meeting that if there is an exception, the Narcotics Control Department will take action against the concerned institutions.

Meanwhile, Additional DIG of Cox’s Bazar Tourist Police Apple Mahmud said that lakhs of tourists will visit Cox’s Bazar on the 31st night. Therefore, three levels of security measures are being taken by the Tourist Police.

Apple Mahmud also said that special measures have been taken to deal with any kind of situation to ensure smooth travel of tourists.

Meanwhile, Mukim Khan, general secretary of Cox’s Bazar Hotel Resort Owners Association, said that tourists do not want to come to Cox’s Bazar if open events are closed. Because of which we have been suffering from lack of tourists for the past few years. If this happens, tourists will turn away.

However, the heads of various organizations that participated in the meeting said that this decision was mainly to control the overall law and order situation of the country, including the upcoming elections.


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