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Adar ‘Leela’, who is the heroine?

by Afonso
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Actor Adar Azad gave new news on the first day of the new year. The teaser of the new movie ‘Leela’ was released on the internet yesterday (January 1). Through this, the hero officially announced the film.

In the 1 minute 23 second teaser, the ‘Local’ famous actor caught the action look. He said, ‘Leela’ is being directed by Alok Hasan. However, who is staying against Adar in it is not yet final.

Adar Azad said, ‘The audience will get something new in the action of this movie. Many people have already seen the teaser and understood that. Moreover, this teaser has not been released before. I am always trying to appear in front of the audience in a different way. Leela will be shown in theaters on this year’s Eid al-Adha. Hopefully, the audience will like the movie.’

Director Alok said, “I will go to the shooting by next March. I have been walking around with the story for two years. It was supposed to be my first movie. But before that I made ‘Nakful’ with Adar Azad. Which can be released next Valentine’s Day.

Ferrari Farhad wrote the screenplay of the movie ‘Leela’. It is produced by Tamalika Akram under the banner of Cleopatra Films under Tiger Media.


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