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Actress-presenter Mousumi Mou got married

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Dhaka is the wedding season in showbiz. Moushumi Hamid, Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Nazia Haque Arsha gave good news at the beginning of the new year. Presenter and actress Moushumi Mou is on the verge of marriage. Her groom’s name is Arif Haque. Mou himself told the news of the marriage in the media. It is known that all the formalities of the wedding have been completed in a small family arrangement.

The actress said, ‘Arif liked me. Later he contacted my family. I ask him for 10 days to think about marriage. After that, it seems at one stage, he can be married.’

At one stage all the formalities of marriage were completed with the consent of both the families. Their post-wedding reception will be organized very soon.

It is known that Mau’s husband Arif studied at Buet. Currently serving as Head of Admissions in an institution.

Meanwhile, Mau’s husband Arif shared the news of the marriage on his Facebook page and wrote, ‘What did the poet say, do you remember anything? I did not fall in love! Love has fallen upon me. Alhamdulillah, I fell in love with him. I read, I read, I could not get up without getting married.’ Arif wrote Alhamdulillah three times and asked everyone for prayers.

Mou, on the other hand, has a career spanning over a decade. In addition to acting, he is also doing presentation work. He has also been seen in web films.


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