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Actor Shaswat Dutta in the wedding ceremony, who is the bride?

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Shaswat Dutta is an acclaimed actor in dramas like ‘Neetu’, ‘Sufiya’, ‘Bhaalo Theko Bou’. She was also seen in the web film Punarmilne by director Mizanur Rahman Aryan. His new play ‘Ananya’ paired with actress Mehzabeen Chowdhury is awaiting release. In the middle of these great news, Shaswat gave another good news to the fans. He stepped into a new chapter of life. That is, the actor is on the verge of marriage.

Confirming the good news to Independent Digital, Shaswat revealed the identity of the bride. She is none other than long time lover Supriya Ghosh. It is known that they were in a relationship for about four years. Finally, their marriage was completed on December 7 in a family arrangement.

Eternal wife Supriya Ghosh’s ancestral home is in Barisal. Studied at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). After completing BBA-MBA from there, he is currently working in a private company.

Talking about entering a new chapter of life, Shaswat said, ‘Finally our love has been fulfilled, there is nothing happier than that. I want to pray to everyone, please keep us in good wishes.’

When asked where he is going on his honeymoon, the actor said, ‘There are no plans for honeymoon at the moment. I have a lot of drama work in hand, I am not thinking about it now due to busy schedule.’

Incidentally, in 2021, Shaswat Dutta made his television drama debut with the drama ‘Kabi+Kusum’. Since then he is the regular face of acting. This year, he came into the discussion once again with the drama ‘Same Sab Jaane’ of the series ‘Closeup Nakhe Asar Kaha’. In other words, the play gave him wide exposure to the audience.


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