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Actor arrested for attempted murder by strangulation

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Popular American actor Charlie Sheen. He is more popular for ‘Sitcom’. But the incident happened. It is alleged that an attempt was made to kill the actor by strangulation.

According to a BBC report, Charlie’s neighbor attacked him by entering his house. When the actor called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, immediate action was taken. The accused woman has been arrested on the basis of Charlie’s complaint in this incident.

Several international media reported that the neighbor woman forced her way into Charlie Sheen’s house. He entered and suddenly attacked the actor. Charlie’s shirt is torn off and attempts are made to strangle him. His body was even hit with sharp weapons. The actor did not need to be taken to the hospital as paramedics arrived quickly on the scene.

It is known that the neighbor entered Charlie Sheen’s house mainly for theft. When the actor came to open the door, he forced his way inside. On resisting, the actor was attacked with a sharp weapon and an attempt was made to strangle him.

However, another source says that the actor had a problem with the woman earlier. A few days before this incident, the woman had thrown garbage in front of Charlie’s house. Once the actor’s car was sprayed with some kind of liquid.

Notably, Charlie Sheen gained popularity by playing the role of Charlie Harper in the popular sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ in 2003. After that he was seen in numerous tele serials. Again, the actor has come up in the discussion for personal reasons. Actor Charlie Sheen has been in the headlines several times due to alcohol, drug use, marital problems.


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