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‘Active’ proletariat party again in Madaripur

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After a decade and a half, the armed organization East Bengal Proletarian Party became active again in Madaripur. Recently, they are announcing their existence by hoisting red flags and pasting leaflets on the walls in the haat-bazaar of different villages of the district. This has created public concern.

According to the relevant sources, on Friday morning, local people saw a red flag with the writings of East Bengal Proletariat Party and hammer and sickle symbol flying in front of a shop named ‘Ma Telecom’ in Hausdi Bazar of Dudhkhali Union of Madaripur Sadar Upazila. At this time, computer-typed ‘Bharat pa’ licking and a leaflet titled ‘Hasina, broker of imperialism- Awami fascism’s electoral farce’ were pasted at several places of the market. After many years, the locals are terrified by the activities of the armed organization East Bengal Proletarian Party.

East Bengal proletariat party’s leaflet reads – ‘January 7 fascist Hasina-Marka election is the same as not voting for the people. People’s opinions have no value, no interest in it. Rather, if they come to power again, fascist misrule will be imposed on the people in a more extended form. People’s lives will be more miserable under the pressure of commodity prices. Foreign devils, especially India will plant their paws more strongly in this country.’

The leaflet also said, ‘Hasina-Awami League considers Madaripur, Shariatpur, Faridpur, Gopalganj and Barisal in the southern region as their ancestral property. Jasad Panda, the once notorious murderer of Madaripur, Shajahan Khan, the godfather of Awami terrorism, Chowdhury family of Shivchar, Serniabat family of Barisal and Sheikh family of Gopalganj – these four families together have held the people of the southern region hostage.

The leaflet called for a Maoist people’s war to establish a peasant-worker-poor-middle-class revolutionary state-power. After almost a decade and a half, the people are afraid of these activities of East Bengal Proletarian Party in different villages and ganjs of the district.

Masud Sardar, a resident of Paur Payarpur village said. “Hausdi Bazar is very close from my house. I went to the market in the morning and saw people’s curiosity. Flags and leaflets of the armed organization East Bengal Proletariat Party were planted at the main points of the market. At one time I heard many atrocities of the proletariat party in the region from the mouth of the Moors. Saw some activity this morning. Along with fear, curiosity has also been seen in people’s minds about this matter.’

Red flag of proletariat party at Housdi Bazar of Dudhkhali Union of Madaripur Sadar Upazila.  Friday morning.  Photo: The Independent

Ahsan Azgar, a resident of Dudhkhali Union, said, ‘Last night (Thursday), some hand grenades were exploded in our area and in front of the Union Parishad. As it was late at night, no one looked. But as some activities of the proletariat party were visible in the morning, many people think that the members of that party exploded the hand grenades at night. For many years there was no activity of proletariat members in this area. Suddenly after many years it was seen again. The matter seems to be of some concern.’

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Madaripur Sadar Model Police Station Salauddin Ahmed told the Independent, ‘The police administration is working to stop the activities of members of the East Bengal Proletariat Party. Attempts are being made to find out who is involved in this incident and bring them under the law.


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