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Action against rail line cuts: Information Minister

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Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary said that legal action will be taken against those who cut the railway line. Hasan Mahmud. He said this during an exchange of views with journalists in the meeting room of the ministry in the secretariat on Wednesday afternoon.

At that time, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said, “Certainly, legal action will be taken against the criminals and those who think that the police will not find those who cut the train line, but the police will definitely find them, cases and legal action will be taken against them.”

Awami League’s Joint General Secretary said, “On Tuesday night, 20 feet of the train line was cut in Gazipur and 7 coaches were derailed, one passenger was killed and more than half a hundred passengers were injured.” Train movement has been disrupted. A few cars were also set on fire in the capital. After their so-called blockade started, no blockade was observed anywhere in the country. But so far 350 vehicles have been set on fire, more than 7 people have been killed and many people have been burnt in the fire. Cut the train line, burn people by burning the car, any politics? This apathy needs to stop forever. If we all raise our voice against this, this apathy will stop forever.’

The information minister said, ‘BNP’s senior joint general secretary holds daily press briefings from the hideout, sometimes he is also seen on the streets in the early morning or midnight. Suddenly it marches for 10 or 5 minutes and disappears into the air. They are doing exactly what the leaders of banned organizations do. Burning people and cars and horses, creating anarchy with terror is never a democratic movement. These are terrorist anti-national anti-people activities. The ferocity, ferocity, brutality of their activities beat even the ferocious hyenas. They have become worse than wild beasts. We are determined to stop this apolitical policy of theirs forever.’

Referring to the BNP’s boycott call, Hasan Mahmud said, “You know, 30 of the 44 registered political parties in the country, i.e. most of the parties, are participating in the elections. The country is now in the midst of election festivities. But the BNP-Jamaat is constantly calling for a blockade from the hideout to prevent the elections. The people of the country did not respond to this, instead, showing a thumbs up to them, they continued their normal activities. In order to disrupt that public life, cars and horses have been set on fire continuously since October 28. And they of BNP-Jamaat have committed a crime and have covered themselves for it. Neither the government nor the Awami League said that you should enter the hole. Those who commit crimes are covered.’

On the question of discussion with the Jatiya Party, the Broadcasting Minister said, ‘The Secretary General of the Jatiya Party has already clarified that they have submitted their nomination papers for the election. I also believe that they will contest the elections and get good results. Jatiya Party is our long time partner, they have worked as our partner to protect democracy and constitution. I firmly believe that even in today’s situation, Jatiya Party will work as our partner as before.’

In reference to the journalists’ comment ‘Some small parties like BNP are making provocative anti-election statements’, the Information Minister said, ‘Look, the frog is very small but the frog’s voice is very loud. There are some parties in our politics as small as frogs, but the voice is very loud. They talk about different things.’


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