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Achieving women’s rights requires everyone’s cooperation

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All women do not have equal rights to inheritance and family property. So the family and society keep women subordinate. Which is the underlying root cause of violence against women and girls including dowry, child marriage.

The speaker said these things at the round table meeting on ‘Women’s Human Rights in Bangladesh’ organized by Bangladesh Women’s Progress Association. The round table meeting was held yesterday on December 10 at the Tafazzal Hossain Manik Mia Hall of the National Press Club.

Rokeya Kabir, executive director of the organization, served as the president in the round table meeting. Barrister Tanya Amir, senior lawyer of the Supreme Court, Fawzia Moslem, Chairperson of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad and Shyamal Dutta, General Secretary of Jatiya Press Club and Editor of Vorer Kagaz were present as discussants. Conducted by BNPS Director Shahnaz Sumi.

In the president’s speech, BNPS executive director Rokeya Kabir said, ‘More than 50 percent of our population is women. But the national budget does not provide enough allocation for women. A separate ministry is needed for half the population of the country. If there is a separate ministry, it will be easier to make specific action plans for women.’

Speakers at the round table meeting said that according to the constitution, all citizens should have equal rights. The provisions of the Succession Act conflict with the provisions of the Constitution. So women are deprived of their equal rights. Achieving women’s rights requires everyone’s cooperation.


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