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Accessories in boys fashion

by Afonso
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Accessories for boys again! Many people may turn their noses up. But if you can’t become fashionable, you can fall behind yourself. There should be proper accessories with the clothes.

Ring: Opt for stone studded or gold rings with formal suits to make a style statement. And metal rings will go well with denim.

Bracelet: Currently, the popularity of bracelets for boys has increased. The most common of these bracelets is the beaded bracelet. You can also buy solid metal, leather or chain bracelets. But if you are wearing a suit, then a metal bracelet will go well with it. And perfect beads or leather for casual wear.

Watch: Watches as accessories are always the favorite item of boys. But now his vol has changed. There are two trends in boys’ watches. A minimalist watch, these look very simple. Goes with any outfit. Another skeleton watch. The inside of the dial has fine detailing in the metal work. Formal will look great in this watch. Moreover, any smartwatch can be worn with casual clothes.

Sunglasses: Many people get into trouble with sunglasses. One of the reasons is that not all sunglasses fit everyone’s face. So take it carefully after buying. But you can keep a classic aviator or wayfarer in a neutral shade. Round sunglasses can be worn with any outfit.

Suit Accessories: A classy suit must be accompanied by proper suit accessories. Ties, bow-ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips, lapel pins, etc. are basically suit accessories. But you have to pay attention to the color and fabric.

Bag: Not only for carrying essentials, bags have fashion importance. You can use either backpack or side bag. But care should be taken to let your personality shine through. A leather bag can go with any outfit. You can take a bright colored backpack with denim.

Shoes: If the shoes don’t match your outfit, then the outfit is soiled! Both ethnic and western shoes should be kept in the collection. You can wear formal shoes, leather boots, sports shoes or sneakers along with Nagarai, leather chapti, slippers.


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