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ACC will look for the assets of parliamentary candidates

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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has announced that it will investigate the assets of the candidates in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. According to the affidavit, the agency is concerned that many candidates’ wealth has increased abnormally. It is known that hundreds of people have been listed. ACC Commissioner Zahurul Haque said that action will be taken if illegal sources are found.

Everyone has to be a candidate in the parliamentary elections with income-expenditure and wealth calculations. The media is analyzing their affidavits. According to calculations, most of the candidates have increased in wealth. Some have become millionaires from nothing, many have increased their wealth hundreds of times.

Anti-corruption organization Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) says that increasing the wealth of candidates is not a crime. But it should be found out whether it is illegally acquired or not. If the correct information comes out, the voters will be able to choose an honest and qualified public representative.

The executive director of the organization. Iftekharuzzaman said, ‘In some cases, corruption allegations have been proven in court and punishment has been done, although the matter is under consideration by the High Court. But in that case it can be suggested that the allegations are true. In that case, people are expected not to vote for such a candidate.

According to ACC, it will be investigated whether the candidates have accumulated wealth illegally or not. In this regard information is being taken from media as well as detectives.

ACC Commissioner Zahurul Haque said, ‘It cannot be said that everyone’s wealth is illegal. May be legal or illegal. A report in a newspaper can’t really call the man the owner of illegal wealth. We cannot say anything without an investigation.’

According to the ACC, there will be surveillance on who is spending black money in the elections.


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