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ACC should be accountable to the people: President

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President Mohammad Sahabuddin felt that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should be accountable to the people as a statutory independent institution. He said, ‘People expect the highest level of impartiality and ethics in the anti-corruption activities of the employees of the Commission.’

President Mohammad Sahabuddin attended the anti-corruption commission’s founding anniversary ceremony at the National Theater Auditorium of Bangladesh Art Academy in the capital on Saturday morning. At this time he said these things.

The president urged all the officers and employees of the Anti-Corruption Commission to show morals and fulfill their duties. Sahabuddin. He also enjoined all concerned to discharge their duties with impartiality and professionalism to make the ACC a place of public trust and confidence.

Calling on the ACC to be a modern, professional and effective institution, the President said, ‘You should also take care that no innocent person is victimized by any wrong action of yours or yours.’

The President also said, ‘The government has implemented various mega projects including the Padma Bridge with its own funding. No one could complain of corruption because of the zero tolerance policy.’

The President remarked that a gang had raised corruption allegations in the Padma Bridge to tarnish the image of the government. He said, ‘They could not show any evidence for this. The conspiracy was stopped by the ACC.

Stating that the government is following a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against corruption, the President said, ‘A corrupt person is only a corrupt person. The corrupt have no party, no principles. Therefore, whoever corrupts, whoever commits corruption, should be brought under the law. ACC needs to be more strategic, trained and tech-savvy to bring the corrupt under the law.’

The President said, “The celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day will only be worthwhile if the ACC can play a role in establishing justice by carrying out the duties assigned to them without any affection or displeasure.

This former ACC Commissioner shared various recollections including the incident of the Padma Setu fake scandal of serving as a Commissioner in the Anti-Corruption Commission from 2011 to 2016. He said, ‘That’s why I am happy with the success of the Anti-Corruption Commission, but saddened by its failure.’


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