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Absence of all teams left incomplete: EC Rasheda

by Afonso
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Electoral Commissioner Rasheda Sultana commented that incompleteness remained due to non-appearance of all parties in the 12th National Assembly elections. He made this comment while talking to reporters at the election hall in Agargaon on Wednesday afternoon.

EC Rasheda Sultana said that if everyone voted, the election would have been completed. This happened due to political division, EC has no responsibility.

He said that action will be taken if any irregularities are seen during the election. Voting will be canceled if necessary. No discount will be given under any circumstances.

Regarding the deployment of the army, EC Rasheda said that the people want the army to come down. They have been brought down to ensure fair polling. Voting will be festive.

Regarding keeping BNP leaders in jail, he said, it is a political matter. If no one comes to the election, it is up to them. But resisting the vote is unconstitutional.


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