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Aamir rushed to ‘Logan Village’ when his friend was in trouble

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A few days ago on the occasion of the marriage of Amir and daughter Ira, there was a festive atmosphere in the Khan family. Every moment of that royal wedding went viral on social media. The entire Khan family was in a happy mood. In the meantime, Aamir is very upset with an unexpected bad news. His close friend’s daughter died in a tragic road accident. Right now, Mr. Perfectionist flew to Gujarat to stand by his friend. His friend’s house is in Kotai village of Bhuj town in Kutch district. Where the famous film ‘Logan’ was shot.

According to Indian media Hindustan Times, Aamir’s friendship with Mahabir Chand, a resident of Kotai village in Kutch, dates back to the time of shooting for Lagaan.

Aamir Khan said, ‘I came here suddenly after getting this bad news. Our very close friend Dana Bhai, a resident of Kotai village near Bhuj. We were here for about a year during Logan. At that time, I shot here for six months. Dana Bhai helped us a lot then. It became like a family affair. Yesterday (Monday) I came to know this bad news that happened in his family. His daughter died in an accident. I was shocked to hear that, so I came here to meet his family.’

He added, ‘When I heard this bad news I was in the south, I immediately changed my other plans and came here. Life is uncertain and everyone has to face this sad moment eventually. In times of sorrow, I wanted to stand by my friend, to be there for him. Losing a child is incredibly difficult for any parent.’

Incidentally, Aamir is currently busy with his upcoming film ‘Lahore: 1947’. Directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, the work of this film will begin in February. Sunny Deol is supposed to play the central role in this film.


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