Home News A young man broke 3 temple idols after being chased by a snake in his dream

A young man broke 3 temple idols after being chased by a snake in his dream

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Police have arrested a youth named Sonai Malo (45), a Sanatan Dharmabalambi, in connection with vandalizing 10 idols of three temples on the night of Victory Day at Alfadanga in Faridpur after being chased by snakes in his dreams for two years. The police arrested him last night around 2:30.

Faridpur Superintendent of Police Md. Shahjahan gave this information in a press briefing on Monday afternoon. Arrested Sanatan Malo alias Sonai Malo son of deceased Nitai Malo of Alphadanga Municipal Headquarters.

On the night of Victory Day, the Central Hari Mandir of Kushumadi Mohalla in Ward No. 6 of Alfadanga Municipality, Sri Vishnu Pagal Mandir and Sri Sri Damudar Akhara Temple in Ward No. 7 of Alfadanga Mohalla were vandalized. These include Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Manasa and Mahadeva of the Hari temple; Mahadev and Mansa of the Vishnu Pagal temple and Mahadev, Shivlinga and Narayana of the Damudar Akhara temple—10 idols were vandalized. A case was registered in this regard the next day on December 17 at Alfadanga police station.

Superintendent of Police said, ‘After this incident, CCTV footage of Vishnu Pagal temple shows that a person entered the temple around 2:15 that night and came out around 2:36. Later, his identity came out during the interrogation of the locals. According to the information given by them, Sonai Malo was arrested.

Superintendent of Police said, “After the arrest, the accused Sanatan Malo admitted his involvement in the incident.”

Sonai Malo said in the interrogation, ‘The snake has been chasing him in his dreams for two years. So he broke the faces of all the idols and idols with Shiva or Mahadev idols with his hands. Because the neck of Shiva or Mahadev is entwined with snakes. He also broke the snakes made of clay with the idol. Sonai Malo also said that the idols of Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi kept in the temple of Vishnu Pagal are not real and they also scare him by taking the form of snakes. For this reason, he broke the faces of those idols.’

Meanwhile, different traditional organizations including the Upazila Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Parishad formed a human chain in Alfadanga Chowrasta area to protest the incident. Apart from this, on Saturday night, a protest march was held at the upazila Sadar on the initiative of the Upazila Puja Celebration Committee and the Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Parishad.


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