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A year after losing his father, emotional fickle

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Popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury’s father’s first death anniversary today. He lost his father on this day last year. A year has passed. Remembering the memory of father on that day is emotional.

The actor shared two stills with his father on social media on Wednesday (December 27) afternoon. Remembering his father like a poem, he said, “I can’t call ‘Dad’ for a year/ It’s been a year today since our father passed away/ I can’t touch my father’s hand for a year/ I can’t caress my father for a year/ Sometimes late at night Alone I call out father father / Father does not respond / Never give again.’

When his father passed away, Chanchal was preparing for the shooting of ‘Padatik’ directed by Sreejith. He played the role of legendary producer Mrinal Sen in it.

Parents paint dreams in their children’s eyes. When the child is on the path to success on the ladder of that dream, the emotion of crying when the parents are not by his side has also come up in Chanchal’s words. He said, ‘I can’t see my father even in my dreams/ What a hardship, what a hardship! Only those who are fatherless understand, only they know. When I caressed like a child at the end of our childhood roaring father like a tiger, the father used to look at me and smile / I don’t see that smile even for a year.’

Chanchal Chowdhury's father used to save various news clippings about his son in the newspaper.  Photo: Collected

Chanchal also said, ‘Thousands of words, I can’t explain, this one year without father, how the fire of pain inside the chest is burning. Father! Father! Father! Wherever you are, stay well, father.’

At the end he says, ‘Father – only this word remains / When you are gone far away / On an eternal journey.’

Incidentally, Chanchal Chowdhury’s father, retired teacher Radha Gobind Chowdhury, passed away on December 27, 2022. He died while undergoing treatment in a private hospital in the capital.


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