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A woman won an award for the ugly yard

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An Australian woman has won the world’s first ugliest yard competition. The woman’s name is Kathleen Murray, a resident of Sandford, Tasmania. He was selected as the winner of the competition held in Gotland, Sweden.

According to a UPI report, Gotland Municipality authorities organized the first hometown competition two years ago. This is the first time this competition is organized at the international level. In this, the Australian woman Kathleen Murray won, leaving behind competitors from America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Croatia.

Murray was awarded a t-shirt. It reads, ‘Proud owner of the world’s ugliest yard’. Kathleen Murray won an award for her untidy yard, littered with rat holes. The grass, foliage and plants in the yard have faded due to lack of regular watering.

“I cut back on cleaning after rats make a mess of my yard,” says winner Murray. Later, they freed me from the trouble of cleaning the yard. I have given up cleaning the yard for a long time. Especially since my ex-husband took the mower in 2016.’

The main objective of the ugly yard competition is to inspire Gotland residents to conserve water. Three years ago, Gotland was hit by a severe water crisis. Then the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing such an exceptional competition came to the mind of the authorities. The Gotland city authorities said that through this competition and some initiatives it was possible to reduce water consumption by 5 percent.


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