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A warning will appear when a password is leaked in Chrome

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Tech giant Google has added new security and performance features to Chrome. In the updated version (M12) of the web browser, changes have been made to the safety check and memory saver. Apart from this, tab group save facility is also being added. This information is known in the report of technology related site Engadget.

One of the security features of Google Chrome is the Safety Check feature. It informs if the information stored in the password manager has been leaked and whether Safe Browsing is enabled. The safety check feature is further enabled in the updated version of the browser.

Chrome Group Product Manager Sabin Borse said in this announcement about the update, if any password stored in Chrome is leaked or leaked, the browser will give repeated warnings. In addition, if the extensions that are being used are risky, it will notify you if you want permission to use an old version of Chrome or a website.

According to Google, with the new update, the memory saver feature can be commanded on the sites that need to be always running. The feature will appear in Chrome’s performance section after updating the browser. Tabs can also be grouped in Chrome.

The tech giant recently added this safety feature to Chrome. Which will automatically run in the background. As a result, even if you are sitting on the desktop doing office work, or browsing the Internet for your own needs, Chrome is now fully protected. The trouble of remembering passwords has been eliminated long ago. Now the worry of password leakage is also gone. This safety feature will roll out to all users in a software update over the next few weeks.


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