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A very tough challenge to face: President

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President Mohammad Sahabuddin said, ‘Bangladesh has achieved unprecedented development in the last decade and a half. Need to improve. There are many tough challenges to face in the future. That is why we must always be careful. I urge everyone to keep a watchful eye so that no one can take away the rights of the people by conspiracy.’

The head of state also said, ‘At the same time, everyone should be careful so that no one can create anarchy in the name of movement and harm people’s lives and livelihood. All rumors and misinformation should be dealt with appropriately by increasing vigilance and involving the public.’

The President said this in his speech at the first session of the 12th National Parliament. The President gave a speech after the commencement of the Parliament session on Tuesday afternoon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and newly elected members of parliament were present in the session.

President Mohammad Sahabuddin said, ‘Uncertainty is increasing in the global economy due to geo-political instability. In view of this, if the global economic crisis occurs, it will also affect us. For this we must have the necessary preparation. To cope with any situation, the production system of the agricultural sector should be continued, emphasis should be placed on the production of high-value crops and the use of improved agricultural technology should be increased to ensure exports. Agricultural storage and agro-processing industries should be developed.

The Head of State said, ‘In order for the products of Bangladesh to get duty-free benefits in the export market, it is necessary to take measures to sign and implement bilateral and regional trade and investment agreements. In order to ensure energy security, deep sea gas and oil exploration activities should be strengthened. In addition to creating skilled human resources, new labor markets should be explored so that the export of skilled labor is possible. Necessary and strict steps should be taken against financial sector reform and corruption.’

The topic of the 12th National Parliament election came up in the President’s speech. The President said, ‘A circle around the election was trying to obstruct the peaceful journey of democracy by creating violence and conflict. Their anti-democratic and violent activities temporarily put people in a state of anxiety, but the sound spirit of democracy did not deter voters from voting. All the actions of the government and the Election Commission have been beneficial because of the spontaneous and active participation of the common people.

The President said, ‘Boycotting parties have carried out their political program completely independently. I hope, in the future, the political parties of the country will avoid violence and anarchy and carry out constructive programs in non-violent ways for the establishment of constitutional rights and the welfare of the people and democracy. The government will also behave with restraint in this regard – this is everyone’s expectation.’

The head of state thanked the election commission, law and order forces, public administration, armed forces and media for the successful completion of the election. The President said that the democratic power in the country has been strengthened by the successful conduct of the election by the Election Commission. There will be victory and defeat in the election, the most important thing is to continue the process of democracy by accepting the verdict of the people. The free, fair and impartial organization of the 12th National Assembly elections for the democracy of the country is a very groundbreaking event, which has been widely appreciated in the national and international arena. I firmly believe that the people of the country have won the 12th National Parliament election, democracy has won.

The President stressed on political stability to maintain the pace of development. He said, ‘The basic foundation of development is political stability and continued practice of democracy. If the normal course of democracy is blocked, development is also hindered. This development of the country has been possible due to the maintenance of political stability and consistent democratic governance in the last decade and a half. In order to make development permanent and sustainable, democracy needs to be institutionally strong, spread the practice of democracy at the grassroots level. To continue this trend of development, political moderation must be maintained.

‘People’s needs must be given top priority’

The President urged the newly elected members of Parliament to work with the people’s needs with utmost importance. He said, ‘Today is the opening day of the first session of the historic 12th National Parliament. National Parliament is the foundation of institutionalizing our democracy. This great institution consisting of public representatives is the bearer and bearer of all the expectations of the people. It is the expectation of the people that the National Parliament will play a proper and effective role in the welfare of the citizens by giving utmost importance to their needs.

The President said, ‘Parliament members are directly elected representatives of the people. The people have given you the opportunity to serve them with great hope so that you present their demands in Parliament. This is your main responsibility and duty as a member of parliament.’

In his speech, the Head of State said, ‘Many members of Parliament have been elected for the first time in the 12th National Parliament. Many of them are young. It is my hope that they will develop themselves as efficient parliamentarians by mastering the rules of procedure of the Parliament and the related norms. In this case, the experienced parliamentarians of the National Parliament can give necessary guidance to the new parliamentarians with their talent and experience.

President Sahabuddin said, ‘As a result of the continuity of democracy in the last one and a half decades, the country is rapidly advancing on the path of improvement and progress. Now it is our responsibility to continue this trend of development by continuing the government policies adopted for public welfare. Our goal is to establish a developed and prosperous Bangladesh by 2041. After building Digital Bangladesh, our next goal is to build Smart Bangladesh.’

The President urged the parliamentarians to play a constructive role in the standing committees. He said, ‘National Parliament has to coordinate the aspirations of all the citizens of the society, the demands of various groups, parties and organizations in a democratic manner. Parliament has two important functions – making laws and ensuring accountability of other institutions. I call upon the members of parliament to play a constructive role in the standing committees related to various ministries, so that it is possible to ensure the transparency and accountability of the government.


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