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A spider’s nest in a woman’s ear

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A whole spider entered the woman’s ear! Not only did it enter, but the spider had woven a web there. Feeling discomfort in her ears, the woman discovered the spider’s nest using the SmartBud camera. Later, doctors removed the nest from inside the ear. This information was given in a report of the American media New York Post.

It says the victim’s name is Lucy Wind. He is a resident of United Kingdom. Lucy Kane, a 29-year-old mother of three, shared the story of making a spider’s nest on social media. He said that he was having severe pain in his ears since last October. At first thought this pain was due to accumulation of dirt in the ear. Then he put olive oil in the ear.

The sensational incident happened after the oil was poured. After a while a live spider came out of the ear.

Lucy said that even after the spider came out, the discomfort in her ears did not go away. After a few days his pain started again, he became suspicious.

He used a Smartbud camera to find out what happened inside the ear. And that’s what caught the inside of the ear covered with black matter. Lucy suspects that it is a spider’s nest. Later he approached the doctors. They suspect that the substance inside the ear is a spider’s nest. After that, Kan Makarsa was taken out of the house, he said. Lucy said it was a pain to get the nest out of the ear. The woman is currently at home.

This is not the first case of cobwebs entering the ear. In 2020, a woman from China’s Sichuan Province was admitted to the hospital with ear pain. During the examination, doctors found a ball of silk inside the ear. The woman was then asked to undergo ear otoscopy. On examination, spiders are found inside the ear. In addition, in 2019, a poisonous spider was removed from the ear of a resident of Kansas, Missouri, USA.


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