Home News A ship has sailed from the US to Gaza to help build a jetty for humanitarian aid

A ship has sailed from the US to Gaza to help build a jetty for humanitarian aid

A ship has sailed from the US to Gaza to help build a jetty for humanitarian aid

A ship has set sail from the United States for the Gaza Strip to help build a temporary pier for the delivery of humanitarian aid by sea. On X, the regional headquarters of the US Army CENTCOM informed about it last night.

The General Frank S. Besson vessel sailed from the US Virginia base “less than 36 hours after President Joe Biden announced that the US would provide humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea,” the US military said. According to her, the ship is carrying the first equipment for the establishment of a temporary pier for the delivery of vital humanitarian supplies.


Biden announced the decision to build a temporary dock on the Gaza coast in his State of the Union address on the floor of Congress this week.

According to him, the project, which should be completed in a few weeks, will enable a massive reinforcement of aid supplies to the area where Israel has been waging a war against the Palestinian radical movement Hamas since October.

In the October terrorist attack by Hamas and other armed groups on Israel, 1,200 people, mostly civilians, died. Approximately 250 more people were kidnapped by the gunmen to Gaza.

In retaliation, Israel launched an offensive in Gaza, where 2.3 million people live in an area smaller than Prague, the vast majority of whom had to leave their homes. Since then, the balance of Palestinian victims has exceeded 30,000. Much of the narrow coastal strip is in ruins after months of fighting and the humanitarian crisis on the ground is deepening, with the UN warning of imminent famine.

As Reuters notes, Gaza has faced an Israeli naval blockade since 2007 and has no port infrastructure.

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