Home News A shadow of grief has descended on the families of the victims of the railway accident

A shadow of grief has descended on the families of the victims of the railway accident

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Due to the cutting of the railway line in Gazipur, a shadow of grief has descended on the family of the accident victim. The families of the injured are also shocked by the incident. The families of the victims have called on the government to be strict in preventing such vandalism.

Abul Kalam, uncle of Aslam, who died in the Gazipur train accident, is waiting for the body in front of the Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College Hospital morgue. On the one hand, the grief of losing a relative, on the other hand, the despair of losing the only earner of the family surrounds him.

Aslam’s uncle Abul Kalam said, Aslam’s family has no income. His family lived on what he earned. Aslam has three boys and girls in his house. He has nothing.

Meanwhile, Surbhi Akhter, an SSC candidate of Comilla’s Hatkhola Polytechnic High School, is crying on the hospital floor. Surbhi, who suffered a head injury during the train derailment, was rescued and admitted to the hospital. This candidate is in doubt about participating in the exam due to the accident.

Surbhi Akhter said, ‘My exam is in February, I don’t know if I can take the exam, I have a lot of pain in my head now.’

Many relatives came to the hospital to look for those injured in the accident. They are shocked by such sabotage. Three of the injured have been shifted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment.

Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Medical College Hospital Director Aminul Islam said, ‘We admitted four patients. Later one of us was sent to Dhaka Medical. 7 people were treated outdoors. Considering the condition of two of them, they were sent to Dhaka Medical and five were treated. He said that the condition of three people under treatment here is out of danger.

The victims of the accident called on the government to take strict action to prevent vandalism like cutting the railway line.


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