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A set of directives of the Prime Minister in the secretary meeting

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave a set of instructions to the secretaries including paying attention to tax collection. He gave this instruction at the secretary meeting held at the Prime Minister’s office on Monday.

At the end of the meeting, the Cabinet Secretary briefed the journalists at the secretariat. Mahbub Hossain. He said that all the secretaries were present in today’s meeting. Those who were in charge of other departments in the rank of secretary were also present. The secretary meeting with the Prime Minister is not about any specific issue. We want to hear from the Prime Minister about his expectations and his instructions. The Prime Minister has clearly asked us to fulfill our responsibilities with self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect

Highlighting the directives of the Prime Minister, Mahbub Hossain said, “The Prime Minister has instructed the secretaries to focus on tax collection. He has given strict instructions to bring those who are supposed to pay income tax, but have not come under the tax, under the tax.

In addition, instructions have also come from the head of government regarding the attraction of foreign investment. The Cabinet Secretary said, ‘In the case of investment, he has given instructions so that there is no unnecessary harassment. If any investment is interrupted for any reason, he will not take it well.’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given instructions to give special opportunities to the export of jute, leather and agricultural products. Mahbub Hossain said, ‘Like the manufactured garment sector, leather, agricultural and jute products have also been asked to provide similar facilities. Said to be economical in electricity and fuel usage. Said to see that there is no obstacle in the irrigation season.’

The secretaries want to hear expectations and instructions from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the meeting.

The Cabinet Secretary said, ‘We discussed election manifesto, commodity price control, preparation for Ramadan, food security situation, agricultural production and fertilizer management, job oriented education, new curriculum and job oriented education, electricity and energy security, implementation of development projects, law and order management, inflation. .’

The Prime Minister has also directed the secretaries to provide proper assistance in the parliamentary proceedings. The Cabinet Secretary said, ‘I have been asked to help especially during the question and answer session. Officials asked to be briefed on parliamentary functions. He also told them about training in this regard. Regarding the election manifesto, he said that he gave election manifesto in 1996, 2008, 2014 and 2018. He wants to build a smart Bangladesh by 2041. Ishtihar is the party’s guiding principle for the government in the next five years. Therefore, the Prime Minister has given instructions to implement the manifesto.

The Chief Minister also said to be very careful in taking up new projects. The Cabinet Secretary said, ‘The Prime Minister has said that his main goal is to improve the position of the people. So he will want to know whether the project has improved the people. Therefore, he asked to see that matter in the implementation of the new project.


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