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A section of the Jatiya Party is blaming Quader-Chunnu for the election rigging

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A section of the party blamed Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader and General Secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu for the landslide in the 12th National Assembly elections. This demand was announced at a discussion meeting in the capital on Sunday.

The leaders of a section of the party claim that Chairman GM Quader has damaged the Jatiya Party by taking part in the 12th parliamentary elections on the bad advice of some people. They also called for a meeting of the chairman with the candidates who participated in the election.

Jatiya Party fielded candidates in more than 260 seats in the January 7 election. Awami League gave them concession in 26 seats just before the election. But even then the candidates of Jatiya Party could not win these seats. Jatiya Party won 11 seats in the election. The party did not win anywhere outside the seats given by Awami League.

The party’s leaders and activists demanded the resignation of the party’s chairman GM Quader and general secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu on Friday, taking responsibility for the debacle in the national elections. On that day, leaders and activists led by some defeated candidates protested and put a 48-hour time limit on the top two leaders.

Some co-chairmen and presidium members held an exchange meeting with the defeated Jatiya Party candidates at the Diploma Engineers Institute in the capital on Sunday. They criticized the chairman for participating in the election.

Presidium member of the party Shafiqul Islam said, ’60 people, 70 candidates were thrown into the water! Thrown into the fire! Is it a surprise that he got 11 out of 26 seats?’

Another presidium member Saifuddin Ahmed Milan said, ‘Honorable chairman, you will not make a mistake. You know yourself, who drowned your team. Destroyed your team, you know it yourself. Our party has suffered a lot in this election. The show you have put down for the last 5 years is in vain.’

The candidates who participated in the election complained that the chairman-general secretary did not take any inquiry after leaving the polling field. However, they claim that they are not trying to break the National Party.

The party’s co-chairman Syed Abu Hossain Babla said, ‘What happened? It’s 11 o’clock, your mistake is 26 o’clock. I am the president of Acacia City, the president of North, if we had a few more seats like this, how much would you (GM Kader) have today? Call all of you. Summon and organize the team.’

Even before the elections, new factional divisions started to emerge in the Jatiya Party. The conflict between the party’s chief sponsor Roshan Ershad and chairman GM Quader came to light. Roshan is the wife of late Jatiya Party chairman Ershad. He alleged that GM Kader took the leadership of Jatiya Party by removing the important leaders of the party.

Leaders known as Roshanpanthi in the party have not been nominated in this election. GM Quader elected from Rangpur-3 constituency of Ershad. However, it was assumed that Ershad’s son Rahgir Almahi Saad would be nominated from this seat. Roshan and his followers boycotted the election in protest.

After the polls on January 12, two central leaders of the Jatiya Party, Kazi Feroz Rashid and Sunil Shubharoy, were dismissed from the party. According to a circular signed by Mahmud Alam, Joint Office Secretary of the party, Jatiya Party Chairman Golam Mohammad Quader has exempted Kazi Feroze Rashid and Sunil Shubray from all party posts including Co-Chairman and Presidium members of the Jatiya Party by virtue of the powers given in the party constitution. .

Jatiya Party Co-Chairman Kazi Feroze Rashid is one of the senior leaders of Jatiya Party. He served as deputy minister, state minister and minister in the cabinet of party founder Hussain Muhammad Ershad. He is a former Member of Parliament of Dhaka-6 Constituency. This time he was not given party nomination.

On the other hand, party presidium member Sunil Shubray has served as Press and Political Secretary to Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

In the discussion meeting, the expulsion of Kazi Feroz Rashid and Sunil Shubo Roy was also demanded.


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