Home News A record 6 crore 32 lakh taka was found in the donation box of Pagla mosque

A record 6 crore 32 lakh taka was found in the donation box of Pagla mosque

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6 crore 32 lakh 51 thousand 423 taka has been found in the donation box of the traditional Pagla mosque of Kishoreganj in three months and 20 days. There is also a large amount of gold ornaments and foreign coins.

Counting work continues from Saturday morning to 10:30 pm.

Earlier these funds were spent on the development of other mosques, madrasas and orphanages in the district, but this time Pagla Mosque will be used to build an international standard complex at a cost of Tk 115 crore, the authorities said.

The 9 iron donation chests of the mosque are like money mines. When you open it, you see only money and money. These money were filled in sacks on the second floor of that mosque. Later, about 150 madrasah students and teachers and sixty bank officials counted money sitting on the floor of the mosque. After three months, such a scene was seen in Kishoreganj’s Pagla Mosque.

This time after three months and 20 days, on Saturday morning, 9 donation boxes of the mosque were opened and 23 sacks of taka were taken out. A large quantity of foreign coins, silver and gold ornaments are also found.

Before this, on August 19th of this year, after opening these donation boxes, in three months and thirteen days, 5 crore 78 lakh 9 thousand 325 takas were collected including foreign currency, gold and silver ornaments.

If you take vows in this mosque with the right intentions, various mental desires will be fulfilled, including the removal of diseases and calamities. Due to this belief, people of all religions from different parts of the country constantly donate cash, gold ornaments, foreign currency, cows, goats, goats, chickens and other items.

Shaukat Ali, the administrative officer of Pagla Mosque said, “In addition to the cash money of the donation box, various items including cows and goats are sold every day and the money is kept in the Rupali Bank.”

Already recognized as one of the most profitable religious institutions in the country, the work of constructing a spectacular complex of international standards has been undertaken with the proceeds of this Pagla mosque, said the president and deputy commissioner of the mosque, Abul Kalam Azad.

According to legend, about two and a half years ago a mad spiritual man floated in the middle of the river Narsunda to get a mat and stopped at Harua, the district town of the present mosque area. Many devotees gathered around him. After the death of that madman, this mosque was built next to the tomb. Later it came to be known as Pagla Masjid.


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