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A Ph.D degree holder sells vegetables from door to door

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He has four master’s degrees and one Ph.D. Still, he took vegetables in a van and sold them door to door. The name of this wonderful person is Dr. Sandeep Singh.

Indian media NDTV reported that 39-year-old Sandeep Singh’s home is in Punjab, India. He was working as a contractual teacher in Punjabi University, Patiala. Unfortunately, he had to quit that job and take to the streets with a vegetable van to earn money.

Sandeep Singh was a contract professor in the Department of Law at Punjabi University for 11 years. He holds a PhD in Law and a Master’s degree in four disciplines, including Journalism and Political Science. Sandeep said that he is still studying.

Dr. Sandeep Singh said, Punjabi University did not pay me regular salary. Apart from this, the salary was also cut. So it became impossible for me to live on salary. Finally started selling vegetables to survive. Fortunately, I have my family by my side. They all took it easy.

NDTV reported that the van in which Sandeep sells vegetables has ‘PhD Vegetable Wala’ written on it. Everyone calls him PhD Sabziwala.

Every day people go door to door to sell vegetables said Dr. Sandeep He said, now I earn more than what I used to earn by teaching in the university, by selling vegetables. I sell vegetables all day and return home at night to study.

Sandeep said, now he is saving regularly from the money earned. Because he wants to open a tuition center in the future.


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