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A passenger turns on an electric kettle in a moving train, then…

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A passenger heats water in an electric kettle by plugging in a mobile phone charging point in a moving train. The passenger was arrested by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) soon after receiving the complaint. Then the passenger was arrested on the charge of violation of safety rules under section 147 (1) of the Railway Act.

According to a Times of India report, the judge ordered a fine of Rs 1,000 if the accused was taken to court. Also asked to refrain from doing such work.

The 36-year-old man was traveling from Gaya to Delhi by Mahabodhi Express. He switched on the electric kettle at a charging plug point in the third class AC room. After being detained by the RPF, the passenger said that his hands and feet were frozen due to extreme cold. So he was heating the water to get some warmth.

Meanwhile, the railway authorities claimed that the passenger’s irresponsible behavior could have caused a short circuit in the AC room. A day earlier, two youths were arrested on such charges in Aligarh. They lit a fire inside the train to escape from the cold. Later they were released after paying the fine.


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