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A new 450 extension has been added to Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is quite popular as an internet browser. But it has some weaknesses compared to Google Chrome. However, using some extensions can make Firefox work quite well. 450 new extensions have been introduced in Firefox as part of providing new benefits to users. This information is known in Gizchina report.

Google Chrome is the most used but not all the benefits of using extensions. While there are advantages of using extensions on web browsers on computers or laptops, mobile phones do not have the advantages of blocking ads, increasing productivity, and achieving a better browsing experience. In this respect, Firefox is much ahead. More than 450 extensions have been added to this platform through recent updates.

With the new update, Android users will be able to choose extensions according to their needs. This includes using Dark Reader as a content blocker, and extensions like Tomato Clock to boost productivity. Apart from this, YouTubeUtils can be used for offline reading of single files and YouTube playback.

The convenience of using extensions in Android Firefox is not new. But earlier it was limited. After initial support, user requests to bring customization tools back to the browser continued to grow in 2020. Finally, the authorities took the initiative to solve this problem. Firefox users are expected to benefit from the new extension. Technology experts believe that the number of Firefox customers can increase by providing this facility to use extensions.


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