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A millionaire to a destitute cricketer in a matter of hours after IPL

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A wicketkeeper batsman from Jharkhand has changed Indian cricket. Following the path of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, children and teenagers in Jharkhand now choose wicketkeeping gloves. In this year’s IPL auction, several wicketkeeper batsmen of Jharkhand have fetched more than Rs.

Sumit Kumar’s family thought the 27-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman was one such. On December 19, Sumit’s picture was seen on TV during the IPL auction. With a base price of Rs 20 lakh, Sumit was bought by Delhi Capitals for Rs 1 crore, a middle-class family’s fortunes changed overnight.

People dream like that. That dream turned into a nightmare within hours.

Sumit was not at home on the day of the auction. I was busy and could not see the auction. But like all cricketer families in India, his family sat in front of the TV. It was hoped that Sumit, who worked on his skills under Mahendra Singh Dhoni, will now get a call to the IPL.

His mother started praying for Sumit’s name and picture to appear on the auction screen. Several teams showed interest. As a result, his price started to rise rapidly. At one point he bought Delhi Capitals for Rs.

His mother called Sumit with tears in her eyes and gave the news. Delhi Capitals also tagged him with his picture and welcomed him into the Delhi Capitals family.

Several local and national media came and took the reaction of Sumit’s family. Neighbors, relatives came and cheered, congratulated. But after a few hours that joy fades.

Seeing no opportunities in Jharkhand, Sumit left for Nagaland. After a while, this wicketkeeper was surprised to see that his picture was no longer on Instagram of Delhi Capitals. Another picture of Sumit Kumar from Haryana. The 28-year-old cricketer, however, is a pace bowling all-rounder.

Sumit first called his mother to explain the matter before he could fully handle the shock. But his mother’s grief increased with his tearful voice, ‘How happy my mother was. Pray for me all the time. But how is this possible? I admit that the two names may be the same but the picture shown on TV? My picture was there, my name was there.’

Delhi Capitals Instagram post about Sumit.  Photo: Collected

After almost two weeks, Sumit could not hide his inner pain even during a conversation with Times of India, ‘I have failed to console my mother. I was so happy to see my name and picture on TV. Then it happened. Delhi Capitals is a big team. It is not expected that they will play with the emotions of a cricketer. My family and I feel very bad.’

Sumit doesn’t understand how such a big mistake can happen, ‘They also gave my picture on Instagram. That means they found me. tagged me When the notification came to me, I was 100% sure. When they deleted it a few hours later, I was confused, shocked.’

After that, Sumit and his family went out and broke the mistake to the media and neighbors, ‘It was very shameful for my family. I received many congratulatory messages. Cricketer friends sent me screenshots of the auction, which had my picture. But everything turned into a big shame. I can’t explain how my family and I feel.’


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