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A lavish wedding ceremony in Gaza amid the war

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A lavish wedding ceremony took place in Gaza amid Israel’s ongoing war against the Palestinian independence group Hamas. The wedding of Afnan Jibril, a young Gazan girl, was celebrated with dance and fear.

“Despite death, murder and destruction, we love life,” said the bride’s father, Mohamed Jibril.

Afnan’s wedding ceremony took place last Friday in a small room in an abandoned school building in the southern city of Rafah in the besieged Gaza Strip, AFP reported. His relatives gathered there.

Bride Afnan was seen dancing in the wedding ceremony with her husband’s partner, Mustafa Shamlakh, wearing a flower crown and a bold red and white dress.

Israeli forces are bombing Rafah on the Egyptian border every day. Both Afnan and her husband’s family have fled to the south from northern Gaza to save their lives.

The bride’s father says that normal preparations for the wedding are not possible, and traditional ceremonies are not possible. However, the wedding dress was found. Although these are scarce and expensive.

The groom’s uncle said the bride’s house was destroyed. In the middle of the war, both families feel that there is no point in waiting. So both the families agreed to perform the wedding ceremony.

After the school celebration, the newlyweds were seen leaving in a black SUV to attend another function, AFP reported. “We are all in the same tragedy,” said Ayman Shamlakh, the groom. However, life must go on.

23 thousand 843 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza since October 7. Most of them are women and children. Earlier that day, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel. One thousand and 140 Israelis were killed in that attack.


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