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A Japanese princess got a job before graduating

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Princess Aiko, the only daughter of Emperor Naruhito of Japan, got a chance to work this time. He will start working at the Japanese Red Cross Society next April. But before that, you have to complete your graduation from the university. He got a job before passing.

The British media BBC says that 22-year-old Princess Aiko will not know the details of what kind of work she will do. However, it is believed that he will be kept in any position connected with the royal family.

According to the rules of the Japanese royal family, Princess Aiko is not allowed to ascend to power. Because male members can become emperors. The longest-running Japanese royal family.

In a statement, Princess Aiko said she had always been interested in the Red Cross. He is being assisted so that he can work easily.

The Red Cross is known to have good relations with the Japanese royal family. Aiko went to an exhibition of Red Cross in October last year.

Princess Aiko is currently studying Letters at Gokushin University. Japanese language and literature are taught in this subject.


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