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A historic crime against Spain

A historic crime against Spain

The destruction of the elements of cohesion and national structure of Spain by Sánchez, the PSOE and his government has no limits. We have just confirmed this once again with the recent document sent by his Frankenstein to the EU, in relation to the recognition of Catalan in the European institutions. The arguments used are typical of those who want to end the national and historical identity of Spain, for which they want a “form of State” (merely transitory) opposed to the parliamentary Monarchy, and which is that of a plurinational and Bolivarian republic, integrated by nations with the right to exercise self-determination. This is reiterated by their Catalan and Basque separatist partners accompanied by the Bolivarian Urtasun and company. All in perfect harmony with the strategy of the Puebla Group, successor to the Sao Paulo Forum promoted by Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva to hide – but not eliminate – Marxist-Leninist communism, after the disappearance of the USSR in 1991. Do not forget that Sánchez, Yolanda, Iglesias, Montero, Belarra… belong to the Puebla Group, along with all the Ibero-American leaders aligned with them: Maduro, AMLO, Boric, Petro, etc. The document has been sent barely three months after the previous request to modify the community regulation to incorporate Catalan, Galician and Basque as official languages ​​was rejected, invoking that linguistic diversity and its full recognition is part of the “national identity.” ». It only remains to be specified that it is part of the Spanish “plurinational” identity.

It is known that for Catalan separatism the language is used as a fundamental instrument to claim its character as a “nation without a state” and to be able to fully exercise the right of self-determination to obtain it. Without a doubt, this repeated request to Brussels has been demanded by Puigdemont in the corresponding monthly control session in Switzerland to which he subjects Sánchez to continue in Moncloa. Not only is this “comprehensive and a la carte amnesty” in exchange for the seven votes of the fugitive from justice an act of unprecedented political corruption, but this repeated request knowing the strategy of separatism is prevaricating behavior and conniving with him. If Sánchez is allowed to continue with this crime throughout the legislature, he will be able to affirm as Alfonso Guerra said – at another time and from a different perspective – that “not even the mother who gave birth to her will know Spain.” Among other reasons, because it would not exist as such. It would be a mere republican and confederal entity, manager of the remains of the “former Spain.” But that criminal purpose will not prevail.