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A glimpse of cold current this month

by Afonso
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Meteorological department has given a glimpse of cold current this month. According to Met Office, two mild to moderate cold currents are expected this month.

According to the Meteorological Office, the temperature may drop slightly during the day on Tuesday across the country. It will slightly increase the feeling of winter. But the temperature will continue to rise tomorrow from Wednesday. Then from the second week of January the temperature will start to drop again.

In the long-term forecast, the Department of Meteorology said, this month, one to two mild to moderate cold streams may flow in the country. However, due to El Nino, the duration of this winter will be less.

Abdur Rahman Khan, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Office, said that the fog that has been there since dawn will remain for two to one more days. Due to the effect of fog from Delhi to Haryana in India, the entire country including the capital Dhaka is covered in fog. After two days, the fog will clear a little.

According to the Met office, the minimum temperature of the country was 9 degrees Celsius yesterday in Sayedpur of Nilphamari. And the highest temperature was in Chittagong’s Sitakunda, 29.5 degrees Celsius.


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