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A gas cylinder was also kept on the narrow stairs only

A gas cylinder was also kept on the narrow stairs only

The fire-ravaged six-storey building on Bailey Road in the capital had a narrow staircase. Not only that, gas cylinders were also kept on that staircase. As a result, it was difficult for those trapped in the building to get out from the stairs, the fire service said.

Health Minister said that 43 people died in the fire in the multi-storey building of Bailey Road until the last news. Samant Lal Sen. Many others were admitted to different hospitals due to burns. The death toll is expected to rise.

The fire broke out at Kacchi Bhai Restaurant on Bailey Road. Which then spread quickly due to the gas cylinders in the building. However, 13 units of fire service brought the fire under control after 2 hours of effort. After that, the fire service recovered the bodies of three people from there.

Apart from this, 42 people were rescued in an unconscious state. And 75 people were rescued alive. Among them four children and 21 women. All others were men, the fire service said.

According to the fire service, there was only one staircase in the entire building. There was a gas cylinder there and it exploded. As a result, the trapped people could not take the opportunity to use the ladder to escape from the fire.

According to the locals, there were several shops in the residential building. There was a food shop. Stairs are difficult to climb. Because two people can climb side by side on the narrow stairs.

Meanwhile, ordinary people have gathered in front of the high-rise building on Bailey Road. Many have come to look for their trapped relatives. Meanwhile, the fire service believes that the fire has been quickly brought under control. Otherwise, the fire could have spread to the surrounding buildings.

In a short press briefing after controlling the fire, the DMP Commissioner said that a case will be filed in Ramna police station to investigate whether there were irregularities in the construction of the building, whether there was a fire extinguishing system. The number of casualties may rise.

Incidentally, a fire broke out in a restaurant on Bailey Road in the capital on Thursday night. Firefighters quickly started trying to control the fire. Initially, 8 units of fire service were deployed to control the fire. But when the fire spread to some nearby shops, the number of units was increased to 13 after it was brought under control.