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A few surprises have been prepared for the Dasharks

by Afonso
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I spent the whole year with my family, I was with them for the New Year celebration. There were also a couple of very close friends. In fact, the Thirteenth Day is celebrated with those with whom I always share happiness and sorrow.

I am not planning too much about work. Because, the way I feel, the way I act—I will act the same way this year too. But there is so much desire that, in the new projects that have been contracted or those that are going to start very soon, there will be a target of how to support the team with a better acting way or dedication than last year. Inshallah I will do that.

On the other hand, 2024 has some surprises in store for the Decades, if they are achieved then the audience will see for themselves. That’s why they have to stand aside and wait for a while.

Transcribe: Rabbani Rabbi


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