Home News A famous London cinema cancels the screening of the Eurovision final due to the participation of Israel

A famous London cinema cancels the screening of the Eurovision final due to the participation of Israel

A famous London cinema cancels the screening of the Eurovision final due to the participation of Israel

In a clear indication of the increasing politicization of Eurovision Song Contest as we get closer to holding the contest in May, A cinema in London has declared that it will refrain from showing the Grand Final unless “exclude participation” of Israel.

He who Rio, located in the Dalston district in east London, announced its determination through its social networks last Saturday. This establishment, which has hosted European Song Festival screenings on several occasions and has close links with the organizers of the Eurovision Party Londonhas communicated its decision publicly.

“After speaking with the coordinators of the Eurovision Party London, we have reached the unanimous decision not to project the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest this year as long as Israel continues to participate in the competition”, expressed the establishment in a statement released through its official channels. “We are firmly convinced that The Eurovision Song Contest has the ability to unite individuals from all over the worldand when they promote their essential principles of inclusion, equity and universalitycan have a real positive impact,” he added.

“Keeping in mind our motto, We long for a soon return to union through music“said the statement. “We will continue to hold fundraising events for the charities we support, including Doctors Without Borders and Medical Aid for Palestine,” it concluded.

The rejection of Israel’s participation in the contest is not new. Earlier this month, two Belgian ministers expressed their opinion that Israel should not participate in the event as long as the situation in Gaza persists. Furthermore, Olly Alexander, the representative of the United Kingdom, was under fire for supporting a petition accusing Israel of committing war crimes and calling for an end to bombing of Gaza. Now, this decision comes after 400 prominent figures and industry leaders signed an open letter supporting Israel’s inclusion in this year’s contest.

This past Monday, Noel Curran, director general of the EBUhas responded to the commotion generated by the cancellation of the largest Eurovision screening party in London: “We understand the concerns and different positions held regarding the current conflict in the Middle East. We cannot help but be moved by the deep suffering of all those caught up in this terrible war. However, The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political musical event and competition between public broadcasters who are members of the EBU.. It is not a contest between governments“.

For its part, The Israeli delegation has agreed to change the original lyrics from the song ‘October Rain’ by Eden Golan, which made reference to the Hamas attack in 2023. The new song, with which they will perform, is called ‘Hurricane‘ y complies with established guidelines and standards by the European Broadcasting Union for the competition to be held in Sweden.