Home News A data portal will improve forest economic management in Castilla y León

A data portal will improve forest economic management in Castilla y León

A data portal will improve forest economic management in Castilla y León

The Board has just launched andhe new Forestry Data Portal of Castilla y León, an initiative, presented by the Minister of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, and which makes the best information available on the Community’s forests and its current economic activity available to all of society. In this way it will be possible to evaluate the evolution of natural resources, their management and what they contribute to the economic activity of the rural world.

According to the counselor, this new tool constitutes a unique platform in which statistics are shown on the value of the forestry sector in the Community and its significant contribution to the regional socio-economy.

«Castilla y León is a leading community in everything related to the forestry sector and the natural environment. It is one of our main assets and that is why we combine technology and digital innovation with the forestry sector.”Suárez-Quiñones pointed out.

The presentation included the participation of various key actors in the sector, including representatives of the Intersectoral Wood Roundtable, the Social Dialogue Roundtable and public administrations, as well as the Cesefor Foundation.

«Technology, innovation, control systems, forest monitoring and work with updated and analyzed data must be the basis for adequate decision-making and thus advanced forest management in accordance with the needs that society demands. forests and the forestry sector as a whole.

The Portal aims to have the information that is demanded and that is necessary to help make technical, political, economic, social and business decisions that encourage entrepreneurs to set up companies and generate employment in the Community, in view of the data they have.

More than 5.1 million hectares of forest land, which represent 54.5 percent of the Community’s territory, Castilla y León is positioned as a national benchmark in the forestry field. The data collected on the portal highlights the presence of resources such as wood, pine nuts, resin, chestnuts and mycological products.as well as the importance of ecosystem services provided by forests.

“The forestry sector conserves, manages and enhances all these potentialities of our forests and translates them into numerous benefits for society, boosts the regional economy, provides business and job opportunities, generates employment and establishes a population in rural areas.” declared, to which he also pointed out that an important commitment is being made to the bioeconomy and efficient use.