Home News A child was raped while buying a toothbrush in the capital

A child was raped while buying a toothbrush in the capital

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It has been alleged that a 13-year-old child was raped in Khilgaon of the capital. Her family said that the child was raped while buying a toothbrush. At present, the victim child has been admitted to Dhaka Medical College (DMC) Hospital for examination.

This incident took place in Khilgaon area around 9:30 on Saturday night.

The victim’s mother said that her daughter went to buy a toothbrush last night. On his way home after buying a toothbrush, a young man in his 30s stopped his daughter. Later, he was taken to an abandoned house under local construction and raped. At that time, the young man ran away before the people around him rushed to his daughter’s scream.

The victim’s mother also said that after receiving the news, she went to the spot and rescued her daughter. Later he went to Khilgaon police station and lodged a case at night. Khilgaon Police brought her daughter to DMK Hospital for examination at around 5:30 am on Sunday.

In charge of police camp of DMK Hospital. Bachchu Mia confirmed the matter by quoting the doctor. He said that when a rape victim was brought to the emergency department of DMK early today, arrangements were made to treat him at the OCC on the advice of the doctor in charge. A policeman from Khilgaon police station is also with the child and family.


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