Home News A Challenger 2 tank stuck in the mud in Ukraine in a demonstration for journalists

A Challenger 2 tank stuck in the mud in Ukraine in a demonstration for journalists

A Challenger 2 tank stuck in the mud in Ukraine in a demonstration for journalists

The incident took place during a demonstration for journalists in Ukraine in which it was intended to show training with British Challenger 2 tanks carried out by the Ukrainian Army, according to the British tabloid ‘The Sun’.

The Challenger 2, a british tank used by the British armed forces in operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq, It was donated to Ukraine early last year on the occasion of the Russian invasion. It is the most advanced British tank and one of the most modern in the world along with the Abrams of the United States and the German Leopard.

Correspondents of the aforementioned British newspaper visited the Ukrainian Army fields to see how one of the tanks “basically it sank down” in the mud, preventing the normal development of the exhibition. Due to this embarrassing moment, much commented on in some Russian media, it was necessary to bring a second vehicle to save the stuck car.

During the demonstration event, Ukrainian soldiers took the opportunity to complain about the Challenger 2 mobility problems. The vehicle It weighs 62.5 tons, although combat ready it is 75.0 tons with additional armor modules. This could be the reason why the tank keeps getting stuck. Likewise, they affirm that five of the 14 tanks that were delivered have broken down.

This same circumstance is experienced with the Leopard tanks sent by Germany. In both cases, The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reported that parts are missing to repair the cars and have warned that these parts take months to arrive. It is worth mentioning that the problem seems to lie in the turret mechanisms and the aiming devices because “they are not durable” and “they broke down from the beginning,” according to Russian media.

British tanks in Ukraine

London has supplied 14 Challenger 2 tanks. This decision made the British the first in Europe to send Western-made tanks. This endowment did not sit well with the Kremlin: “Those tanks will burn like the rest“said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, at a press conference.

In September of last year, Russia claimed responsibility for the destruction of one of these British tanks previously described as “indestructible” and it is even speculated that two tanks have been killed, leaving Ukraine with seven Challenger 2 tanks in combat condition.