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A call to respond to genocide in the voice of poetry

by Afonso
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The 36th National Poetry Festival has started in Dhaka University. There are 10 sessions including open discussion by registered poets, poetry readings, recitals, seminars, rhyme readings, poetry recitals. More than five hundred local and foreign poets participated in the two-day poetry festival.

The National Poetry Festival started at 10:30 am on Thursday next to the library of Dhaka University under the theme “No Poetry with War”. Renowned poet Nirmalendu Guna inaugurated the festival. At that time, the poets protested against all the massacres, including the Israeli forces’ massacres in Palestine.

Foreign poets responded to the genocide with the voice of poetry at the poetry festival. Indian poet Vivas Roy Chowdhury said, ‘Poetry is our love and poetry is our protest. It is strongly present in the poetry of Bangladesh as it is in present day West Bengal but not in the same way in Bengali language.

Nepalese poet Bidhan Acharya said, ‘Humanity can never support war. Can’t support genocide either. Therefore, poets should write protest poems against war and genocide.

The organizers say that the poetry festival has now become an inspiration for local and foreign poets.

General Secretary of National Poetry Council Tariq Sijat said, ‘This poetry festival is not just a national poetry festival. It has taken an international form. Many poets from different parts of the world have participated in our event and have come this time too.

Over two days, 200 registered poets will recite poems in this festival.


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