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A 4-year-old child proposes love with a gold bar

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It’s like a movie story, a four-year-old kindergartener proposes love to another child with a gold bar. The price of that gold bar weighing 200 grams is 15 thousand dollars i.e. more than 16 lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency.

According to the report of South China Morning Post, such an incident happened on December 22 in China’s southwestern Sichuan province. A boy gave a bar of gold to a girl classmate. After receiving the gift, the girl returned home and showed it to her parents. They came to know from the baby girl that a classmate gave a gift this time. The child’s parents were shocked by this incident.

The girl’s mother said that at one stage she and her husband contacted the boy’s parents over the phone. They said that this gold bar was kept for the son’s future wife. They told this to their son. Then he took that bar without telling anyone at home. They expressed regret for the incident.

Already this incident has spread on social media. Caused quite a bit of humor. Netizens expressed their love for such a friendship. Many have shared such experiences.

One of them wrote, ‘I have to say that the boy has an education. He gave a gold bar weighing 200 grams! Another wrote, ‘My mother-in-law gifted me a bracelet. My son wants to know if he can give it to his classmate. Fortunately, he asked me to know.’ Another user wrote, ‘When my daughter was in first grade, a boy classmate gave her 200 yuan. After finding out, I returned the boy’s parents that evening.’

Such incidents have happened in China before. In May last year, a boy took one of his mother’s gold bangles and gave them to a kindergarten girl. The class teacher saw the incident and alerted the boy’s mother.


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