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A 100-year-old mother was left on the street by her family

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A 100-year-old mother was beaten out of her house and left on the street by her family members. This centenarian old lady is now in Gopalganj Sadar police station. Centenarian Rabia Begum will now be sent to a public old age home in Gazipur through the social services office after not being able to find her family members.

Rabia Begum, a centenarian, was shivering in the cold on the footpath of Thanapara junction in Gopalganj city at 10 am on Monday. At that time, a young man named local rabbi saw him and brought him to the nearby Sadar police station.

Sadar Police Station OC at this time. Anichur Rahman gave the old woman a blanket, sandals and winter clothes. After that, the old lady was sent to Aceland in Gopalganj Sadar after having breakfast. On the instructions of Sadar Aceland, old Rabia was sent to Upazila Health Complex to check her health.

Locals consider it inhumane to leave a mother who carries children in her womb as the light of the world, considering her a burden in her old age.

It is known that the old Rabia Begum cannot say anything except the name. Can’t even say your address. When asked about the family, she (Old Rabia) said that there are 2 sons and a daughter.

When asked how he came to this city, Rabia said that a woman had left him there. When asked if he will return to his family, he said that he will be killed if he returns home. The old Rabia Begum does not want to say anything about the family because of this fear.

Sadar Upazila Health Officer Nipa Bepari said that the physical condition of this centenarian is not so good. He said that old Rabia’s body has injury marks.

Gopalganj Sadar police station OC Muhammad Anichur Rahman said, ‘We are trying to confirm the address of the old woman. However, if his family is not found, arrangements will be made to send him to an old age home through social services.’

Upazila Social Service Officer Sultana Zahid Parveen said that leaving the old mother on the street is considered a degradation of the society. Self-centred, selfish and self-interested.

Meanwhile, after the health check-up, old woman Rahima is being sent to a public old-age home in Gazipur through the Department of Social Services. He will be sent on Monday night itself.


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