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90 percent of new MPs are millionaires: Sujan

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Almost 90 percent of the newly elected members (MPs) of the 12th National Parliament are millionaires. Compared to the 11th National Parliament, the number of millionaire MPs has increased in the current Parliament.

On Tuesday morning, Citizens for Good Governance (Sujan) gave this information in a virtual press conference on ‘Presentation of the winners of the 12th National Parliament Elections and Observation of Sujan’.

Besides, about 67 percent of the winners in the 12th National Parliament elections are businessmen, the organization said.

Dilip Kumar Sarkar, central coordinator of Sujan analyzed the data of the affidavits of the winning parliamentarians in the recently concluded elections and highlighted the observations in the press conference.

It was informed in the press conference that out of the newly elected 299 MPs, 269 or 89.97 percent of the MPs have assets above Rs. This rate is 95.06 percent or 212 among the members of parliament elected from Bangladesh Awami League. This rate is 90.91 percent or 10 among those elected from Jatiya Party. 100 percent or 3 people among other political parties and 70.96 percent or 44 people elected from independents.

It was also said in the press conference that 9 or 3.01 percent of the newly elected members of parliament have assets less than 25 lakh rupees; 3.67 percent or 11 people including two who did not fill the wealth room.

Sujan’s analysis shows that 36.45 percent of the millionaires contested the election and 89.96 percent were elected. On the other hand, 43.85 percent of the owners of assets worth Tk 25 lakh and below contested the election and 3.67 percent were elected. Those with less wealth have significantly lower election rates and those with more wealth have much higher election rates.

According to the observation of the organization, the percentage of millionaires in the 11th National Parliament was 82.33 percent or 247 people, in the twelfth National Parliament this rate was 89.9 percent or 269 people. Which is 7.64 percent more than the previous parliament. It can be safely said that the participation of those with more wealth in the National Parliament is increasing.

Sujan editor Badiul Alam Majumder said in the press conference that the main basis of all information is the affidavit given by the candidates. But the Election Commission does not verify the information in the affidavit. Affidavits often contain false and misleading information. The purpose for which the court compelled the candidates to furnish information in the affidavit is not being served.


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